Design a captivating brand identity for "Lumino," a movie theater experience that enchants audiences from the lobby to the screen. Create a distinctive wordmark, visually stunning movie posters, and themed concession trays to enhance the immersive movie-watching adventure. Targeted at all ages, Lumino's bold designs and vibrant colors aim to generate anticipation and excitement, making every visit a memorable cinematic journey.


I began by developing a wordmark for "Lumino" that embodies the theater's essence, refining it until it reflected flow, playfulness, and confidence. Next, I curated a moodboard to establish the aesthetic direction and derived a harmonious color palette. Using this palette, I designed two distinct branded snack trays highlighting unique aspects of the movie experience. Finally, I crafted captivating movie posters to entice audiences and enhance their theater visit.



Final Wordmark:


Brand Identity:



Color Scheme:

Snack Tray Design:

Snack Tray #1:

Snack Tray #2:

Movie Poster Moodboard:

Thumbnail Sketches:

First Poster:

A Nightmare On Elm Street

Second Poster:

Despicable Me

Third Poster:

The Great Gatsby

Final Designs:

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