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Hi, I’m Chloe Croskey! I am currently studying Communications Design at the University of Cincinnati.

Graphic design has always pulled my interest as it allows unique insights into the nature of everything around us. The more I've learned about graphic design I've grown in my appreciation and gratitude for all designers, their works, and their choices. As I move ahead in my career, I look forward to identifying the many stories to be told, and engaging them with my successful visual designs. I am interested in constantly building my knowledge and education in the field through my: consistent observations about life, capable skill development, and dedicated study of crafting compelling imagery that smartly expresses a wide range of messages, subject matter, styles and expressions. I am very open to change, and my future in design excites me!

Outside of design, I enjoy spending quality time with my friends, and my family is very important to me. I have fun trying out different types of fitness classes, exploring different parts of my community and recognizing the unique perspectives of others. I have always loved expanding my artistic ability with different projects, and find that creativity helps to keep me in the right head space.
chloe croskey      croskecj@mail.uc.edu      (330) 690-0376